Race Report Elsie Enduro: David Lane

Type of Race: Last One Standing - All runners must complete 2.5 miles in 40 minutes.  At the start of every 40 minutes, all runners start again and repeat until one runner is left standing. 

Perfect Race / Execution:  Mindset Wins

General Thoughts: The goal from the outset was to complete 50 miles and run in the dark.  This was my 4th attempt to conquer the Elsie Course. To accomplish my goal, I hired a running coach. This was one of the smartest moves I have made in recent years.  Previously, my training programs stalled, and I had plateaued in my races. Three months prior to the race start, I began my running career in my 50s.  My overarching goal is to be a better runner in my 50s than in my 40s.  My running coach got me where I needed to be for race day, he held me accountable on training days, and all I had to do was execute the plan. 

During the race, I felt better than I have in years.  By loop 10, I told my crew member Shawn Parnaby that this was the strongest lap yet. I never felt overly tired and beat down. My mental state stayed high the entire race, despite rolling my ankle in the first loop and then again in the middle of the race. I stayed near the back of the pack for the entire race keeping my heart rate low. I became the unofficial sweeper for the race, every time someone would fall back with me, they were worried if they would complete the loop on time. Each lap, I finished with around 3 minutes to spare, to grab food and drink.  I have to shout out to Shawn for always being on spot for all my needs. 

The temperature was great, despite the rain. I fueled well with the help of my crew, and the nutrition plan devised by Parity Path worked excellently. 

Lessons Learned from the Journey:

3. Follow the nutrition plan.