Parity path Endurance

Physical Services: 

Amanda Lane: Nutrition Coach and Life Coach (Certified NASM Nutrition Coach)

Kyle Kalbus: Running Coach 

David Lane: Race Director (Certified RRCA Race Director)

Amelia Lane: Ultra Running Crew Services

David Lane / Kyle Kalbus: Pacing Services (Any Distance)

Parity Path Athletes: David Lane, Jennifer Murray, David Moghani, Joseph Dichiacchio, Kristen Weitz

Sponsored and Hosted Races: MAD Backyard Ultra, Locomotion, Circle 60, ER 50 Miler / 50k


Did you know that Parity Path has a Certified Nutrition Coach who can help establish a healthy lifestyle?  

Nutrition Coaching

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Live intentional, lettuce talk about nutrition.  See how I did that? Smoothies are a daily staple with our lifestyle, this one is pineapple, banana, strawberries, hemp protein and almond milk.  Sweet potato has banana, strawberry, dark sunflower honey, walnuts and sunflower seeds.  -Mandy

Parity Path Running Coach – Coach KK: Kyle Kalbus.

However far or fast you go, every step is in the right direction!

Contact Info: Phone: 423-605-2819. Email:


Brief Intro: I started my running journey in late 2015. I weighed 310 pounds with no previous running experience. I quickly experienced the joys of running through constant improvement with body image and performance. Running has turned into a passion and lifestyle. I have found success in short- and long-term distance running and am excited to share my passion and knowledge!

*All plans include a virtual or in-person meeting to discuss current training, goals, and training options. 

2024 Events

MAD Backyard Ultra - Last Runner Standing 120 Miles

Wauhatchie Trail Race

Mountain Mist 50K - 17th Overall

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Running Plan Options

Ultra Running Crew Services - Backyard Ultras, Timed Races, Point to Point.

Need a Crew/Pacer Complete the Google sheet or email

Ultra-running crew services typically offer support to ultramarathon runners during their races, which often cover distances longer than a traditional marathon. These services can include assistance with nutrition, hydration, gear changes, medical aid, pacing, motivation, and navigation along the race course. Ultra-running crew members play a crucial role in helping runners manage physical and mental challenges, ensuring they reach the finish line successfully. They provide essential support and encouragement to help runners push through the extreme demands of ultra-distance races.

Rent A Crew

Full Service Crewing - Pricing varies depending on the needs of the runner.  Parity Path has all the equipment needed or can use runner's equipment.  

Starting at $150.00 plus travel. 

Services can Include - Equipment setup / tear down, hydration, nutrition, clean up, grocery shopping, and other runner needs.

Rent A Pacer

Priing varies based upon distance and travel.

Parity Path Athletes

Parity Path, LLC Athlete Requirements

1.       The Parity Path athlete is designed to recognize and support athletes who believe in a balanced lifestyle, including mental, physical, and spiritual practice. Parity Path supports and recognizes the athletes while team members themselves serve as running community ambassadors.

2.       Your Requirement:

a.       Tolerant of one’s beliefs and has an open mind toward all spiritual practices.

b.       Be willing to allow Parity Path to use your image to promote the store and your endurance journey.

c.       Represent Parity Path by wearing the athlete singlet at races he or she participates / races in (weather permitting). 

d.       Be willing and able to represent the parity path at local, regional and/or national events.

e.       Be willing to complete race reports and photos from races and training to place on

3.       As a Parity Path Athlete, you receive

a.       Technical running gear, including a Parity Path singlet. 

b.       A complimentary race entry into one Parity Path event, and 1/2 off all other Parity Path Events during the year..

c.       Will promote your likeness for the store and other athletes.

d.       25% Discount to Parity Path Nutrition Program.

4.    To become a Parity Path Athlete, email with the following information:

a.   In the Subject Line of the Email Use the Title: Parity Path Athlete

b.   List the reason you would like to be a Parity Path Athlete

c.   Include races/activities completed in the last two years. 



My name is Kristen Weitz. I was born in  Texas and spent most of my childhood years growing up in the Chicagoland area! I am married with 3 fur children. During the day I’m serving seniors and when I get home, I hit the pavement or trail! I started running in high school, which quickly went from a social outlet to a competitive sport for me. I went on to run for Lewis University where I held the 3000m steeple school record and graduated on an All-American team in 2016. For a long time after I lost my spark for running, until moving to the Chattanooga area! Since then I have completed my first marathon and a few 50-mile races!

2023/ 2024 feats:

Locomotion 12 HR 


Erlanger Marathon

Elsie Enduro BYU

Pistol Ultra 50 Miler

Parity Path Athlete

Joseph Di Chiacchio

Joseph was born in Washington D.C. and has lived in: Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Georgia and now Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Joseph used sport as a means to find peace, health and focus in life and enjoyed a variety of competitive athletic pursuits over the years.

He has been involved with Martial arts, road and mountain cycling, Olympic Sprint kayaking and surfski racing, and has won state and/or national titles across all disciplines. 

In 2020, he found a new challenge in Archery and began competing in tournaments in the barebow recurve division. He is currently a member of the Music City Archery team based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and has achieved results as the 2022 Georgia State 18-meter champion as well as bronze in the Tennessee State 50 and 18- meter events.

2023 - Georgia Outdoor Archery Champion

Parity Path Athlete 

Jessica Dunn

Chattanooga Track Club - Endurance Athlete

Chattanooga Track Club Runner of the Year Winner for the 30 - 39 Age Group. 


Runner of the Year Chattanooga Track Club Female Age Group 30-39 


Wauhatchie Trail Race

Parity Path Athlete

David Shahi Moghani


David is originally from Virginia, has lived in the Middle East, and traveled around the globe. He was a Junior and High School Track star from 1979-1985. During his University years. David lost interest in running but, regained his passion in 1997. He completed his First Marathon in 1986, running races of various distances and trail races. To date, he has completed 16 marathons, with the marathon being his favorite distance.  He enjoys the challenge of the preparation. His favorite local race is the Chattanooga Chase and NYC Marathon on a National level. David says, "Running is therapeutic and challenging for me in the sense that I constantly push myself to improve. Learn from setbacks and keep trying to improve." 

The Boston Marathon Qualifying time is his present short-term focus.

2023 Events

Roy of the Year 3rd place finisher in the Chattanooga Track Club ROY 50-59 age group.

2024 Events:

Wauchatchie Trail Race: 

GradRun 5k: 1st in Age Group

CTC Long Runners 2023 (clipchamp).mp4

2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 - CTC Long Runner Award 

PARITY PATH Athlete David Lane

Certified RRCA Race Director - 

Current Hosted Races: MAD Backyard Ultra, Locomotion 6, 12, and 24 Hour, Circle Series Events 6, 12, and 24 hour, Endurance Elimination Challenge, ER 50 Mile / 50K

Ultra Runner

Product Tester: New Balance, Columbia, Under Armour

2024 Events:

Wauhatchie 6.7 Mile Trail Race: 11th Place Finisher

Forgotten Florida 100 Miler: DNF 60 Miles Complete

Elsie Enduro: 52.5 Miles 7th Place

Chickamauga Chase Trail Race: 1st Grandmaster

Upcoming Events:

Johnston Woods 12 Hour Trail Race